Everyone is having surgery!

I had my wrist surgery and as far as I can tell, everything is healing up satisfactorily.  I really hope they fixed it this time.  I’m typing this post with one hand which takes way more time than using two.   But I realized something while I was logging onto this blog so here is what I have to say about it!! 

I’ve talked a lot lately about my surgeries.  Prior to injuring my shoulder I had never had a surgery before and I was planning on keeping it that way for a very, very long time.  But, oh, how life throws us curves.  I am just grateful that it wasn’t worse.  People go through life and make their own choices, and in the end you have no choice but to deal with the consequences.  Some people gripe and complain, yet others take a moment to sit back and be grateful because they realize that it could have been worse.  I’m grateful.  I read a wonderful blog earlier this week by a lady who was dealing with breast cancer and if you click here you too can read it.  It briefly explains the trials and hardships that she has been through and in the end, she says she is grateful.  I know someone personally who has dealt with that type of hardship.  My mother-in-law got diagnosed with breast cancer over a year ago.  After all the doctors and the tests it was finally decided that a mastectomy was the best route to take along with some chemo.  It couldn’t have been easy for her; especially not because of the fact that my husband and I couldn’t go visit her every time she had treatment.  It’s not that we didn’t want to, but some of us have to work for a living and you only get so much sick leave and family emergency time off.  In the end the mastectomy and the chemo were successful and for that we are grateful. However, with the mastectomy, came another problem.  Having only 1 breast seems to be wearing down her self esteem, and over time it appears to be becoming more and more an issue.  She keeps asking our opinions as to what we think she should do, but how do you answer a question like that?  What are we supposed to say??  I just keep telling her that I don’t even notice it and that we love her no matter what but I don’t think that is the answer she is looking for.  So I got on the internet and started looking around.  I read articles and blogs, like the one I mentioned earlier.  I started listening to other people’s opinions and here is what I’ve come up with.  I believe that she is asking our opinion on having plastic surgery.  I found a website called www.ebreastaug.com that deals with just this sort of thing.  After going over the site I suggested that she visit it as well, and as far as I know she did.  She said she did.  I’m hoping that she will be able to find some answers there, and that site also allows her to find a certified plastic surgeon in her area.  That makes it nice because at least she will have someone that she can go and talk to face to face for answers.  I told her that no matter what her decision is, we will support her and even be more than willing to help with what we can with the financial part of it.  But I also explained to her that before she makes any hasty decisions, she needs to spend a lot of time doing the research first.  I also told her that I am more than willing to help her with anything that she needs me to.  I just feel like maybe I’m not doing enough, maybe I’m not giving her the answers that she wants or needs to hear.  For now I’m just going to keep on doing what I’m doing.  I hope that through research we can find an answer together. So in the end, just be grateful.  I know that I have already talked about my surgeries a lot, and I’m sure that I will continue to talk about them.  I still haven’t been called to schedule my next wrist surgery.  But I go forth now with a better outlook on it, because I too am grateful…


~ by hotshottiff on April 1, 2008.

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